The Fargo AirSho is a non-profit organization of 70+ volunteer members that have been producing award winning shows for more than 30 years. The event has become a million dollar production that brings over 30,000 fans from all over the US and Canada to the show at Hector International Airport. The success of the show has allowed the committee to make more than $500,000 in contributions to area organizations, including over $250,000 to the Fargo Air Museum.



1989 Fargo AirSho

The first Fargo AirSho was a shared effort with the Centennial Air Show in Bismarck. Performers traded location between the Saturday and Sunday events. 

Performers included; USAF Thunderbirds (Sunday only), MIG 15, Confederate Air Force, TBM, B-25, Happy Hooligans-F-4 demo (Mike Haugen), Bud Light BD-5 with Bill Beardsley, Jim Maroney, Golden Knights, B-1 fly by, Sampson (Steve Wolf) demo, Wing walker Bob and Pat Wagner, announcer-Jerry Van Kempen,  Chuck Yeager was special guest-Spoke At Friday night banquet.

1995 Fargo AirSho 

Performers included; Pepsi Skywriter, Jim Franklin with a wing walker, Leo Laudenslager Bud Light 200 and Mini Jet, Les Shockley jet truck, Pooh Bear Glider, Army Golden Knights, Sierra Aces Team, Jim Maroney, F-117, F-18 Demo, Happy Hooligans 4 ship and a KC-10.

1997 Fargo AirSho

Performers included; Blue Angels, Fouga Magister, B-25 Miss Mitchell, MIG 15, Sky Dive Fargo, Mad Bomber, Sierra Aces, Wayne Handley, Jim & Kyle Franklin, Jim Maroney, Odegaard & Beck, Dusty Larson, Bill Bordseleau, and Sky Dive Fargo.

1999 Fargo AirSho

Performers included; Happy Holigans F-16s, Marine Harrier AV-8B, War Birds, Bob Hoover, Wayne Handley, Jim Maroney, Sierra Aces, Jim Franklin Wing Walking and Jet Waco, F-18, B-52 fly by, Scott Hammack Jet Dragster, Skydive Fargo

2002 Fargo AirSho

Performers include; Skydive Fargo, Smoke N Thunder - Scott Hemmick, Kent Pietsch, Warren Pietsch, Happy Hooligans, F-117, War Birds, P-51 Demo, Bill Bordeleau, Dan Buchannan - Hang Glider, Jim Maroney and the Blue Angels.

2003 Fargo AirSho

Performers included; Canadian Snow Birds, Jim Marone, Bob Odegard Super Corsair, F-16 Demo, Happy Hooligans, Skydive Fargo, Kent Pietsch, Frank Borman P-51, War Birds

2005 Fargo AirSho

Performers included; Blue Angels, Red Barons, Kent Pietsch, Jim Maroney, John Klatt, Julie Clark, Pyro Charlie Harper, War Birds, and Frank Kingston Smith

2007 Fargo AirSho

Performers included; Blue Angels, Canadian F-18 demo, USAF A-10 Demo, P-51 Heritage Flight, Bill Stein, Jim Maroney, Paul Stender-Jet Truck, NDANG Helicopter,  Phil Dacy Announcer, Skydive Fargo, B-52.

2009 Fargo Airsho

We where honored with a "Superior" rating from the US Navy Blue Angels and awarded "Show of the Year."

Performers included; Blue Angels, Jim Maroney, Skydive Fargo, Jim Pietz, Patty Wagstaff, Paul Stender - Jet School Buss & Outhouse, John Mohr, Blackhawk water drop, F-15E demo, F-4 Heritage, War Birds, and Pyro show. 

2011 Fargo AirSho

Performers included; Blue Angels, Jim Maroney, Bill Stein, The Horsemen, Paul and Jarrod Lindemann, Strongman Mark Kirsh, Bob Odegaard & War Birds, A-10 Demo, F-16 Demo, Charlie Harper Pyro, B-25, and Skydive Fargo. Total charitable contributions to the community exceeded $87,000. 

2015 Fargo AirSho

After a 4-year break due to the “Government Shutdown” there was heightened excitement for the return of the Fargo AirSho. Performers included; Blue Angels, Navy Seals “Leap Frogs”, Skip Stewart, Kent Pietsch, John Klatt - Air Guard, US Marines Harrier, Kyle Franklin, Paul and Jarrod Lindemann, Paul Stender - Jet School Bus, and B-25. Total charitable contributions to the community was over $100,000. 

2018 Fargo AirSho


The Fargo AirSho returned to an excited fan-base to exhibit the finest areal performers. Performers included; Blue Angels, Navy Seals “Leap Frogs”, The Screaming Sasquatch of John Klatt, Paul and Jarrod Lindemann, Matt Younkin, Aftershokc Jet Fire Truck, and Maneuver Motorsports. Total charitable contributions to the community was over $100,000.